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What would your life be like if you had lots of energy, were consistently in a good mood, and had a body that you enjoyed living in? With Naturopathic Dr. Dennis Godby, ND, California Naturopathic Doctor’s Association’s 2012 “Doctor of the Year,” on your side, you can attain your best health! He will seek and find the CAUSES of your health concerns, guide, support, and encourage you (just as he has done for the many dozens of (grateful Registered Nurses (RNs) who have become patients), and treat you with safe, natural medications and uncomplicated lifestyle changes! 

awardstrip-1If you are ready for: compassionate alternative healthcare, instead of just disease care and symptom management, actually feeling wonderful, and not be just merely bandaged together by side effect-laden drugs, please call Sacramento Naturopathic at 916-446-2591! Dr. Dennis Godby is licensed by the State of California as one of the state’s natural medicine expert primary care doctors. Dr. Godby, a California-licensed Naturopathic Doctor (ND), will partner with you to figure things out. Naturopathic Doctors are the only licensed primary care alternative medicine practitioners in California that are clinically trained in both natural and conventional medicine. Dr. Godby will work diligently with you to provide practical and sustainable solutions to improving your health. To schedule a FREE 15 minute telephone consult with Dr. Godby to determine how naturopathic medicine may be able to help you achieve your health and joy potential, please call: 916-446-2591. You can also email DrGodby@SacND.com for more information.

Dr. Dennis Godby, ND, MA, is one of California’s first licensed, primary care Naturopathic Doctors, a nationally-known diabetes and abdominal fat loss expert, and a featured speaker at the Association for the Advancement of Restorative Medicine National Conference in Washington State in 2015. Dr. Godby, born and raised in East Sacramento, and the son of an extremely compassionate Registered Nurse of 34 years at Mercy General Hospital, founded Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center, to continue compassionate alternative medical care in the Sacramento areaFor 10 years, Dr. Godby has focused on not only the patient’s physical health, but treating the whole person – helping patients to establish a well-balanced and inspired life. Patients at SNMC consistently report through treatment that their enthusiasm for life, mood and memory has improved significantly, as well as, feeling much more: energetic, focused, and optimistic. Patients consistently report that their overall quality of their lives is much better, while they are also overcoming serious health conditions, such as: anxiety, obesity, menopausal hormone imbalance, male andropause, thyroid imbalance, adrenal exhaustion, gluten intolerance, and childhood conditions, such as: autism, AD(H)D, asthma, eczema, etc.

veggiesFrom an early age, Dr. Godby has been aware of the significant loss of human potential, whether from hunger, war, social injustice, diabetes or premature aging. Dr. Godby is inspired every day of his life to help each and every patient reach his or her full health potential. For the last 39 years, Dennis Godby, doctor, teacher, activist, and community organizer has been, literally, “walking the talk” – twice running – on foot, 3,000 miles across the USA for a healthier nation and a more just world! Dr. Dennis Godby and friendly staff of SNMC treats each, and every patient with respect, compassion, and dignity. Dr. Godby earned his 4 year ND medical degree from the NCNM, in Portland, OR, and his Master’s of Theological Studies (MA) from the Maryknoll School of Theology. To receive a medical license in California, NDs must successfully complete the same set of classes as MDs. However, NDs also take an additional 25 classes in: botanical medicine (herbs), clinical nutrition, exercise therapeutics, homeopathy, Chinese Medicine, hydrotherapy, and others, in addition to having to pass about 18 national board exams. Dr. Godby is credentialed by Sutter Center for Integrative Holistic Health!

What a several patients have said recently:

Patient Sabrina Mathews wrote on Angie’s List: “I went to Dr. Godby 6 or 7 times within a year. I was having symptoms that no doctor could figure out. I was referred to Dr. Godby and described my symptoms. I thought I was pretty healthy but it turns out that I was allergic to the foods I was eating. I feel that Dr. Godby saved my life. He is super nice, listens to everything and then analyzes. I give a grade A for everything!

Sacramento Patient Shari Smith: “I greatly appreciate you getting back to me on a Sunday. I admire your dedication to your patients, you are such an inspiration! I sincerely thank you for your contributions to our health!”

Elk Grove Registered Nurse Ernalyn Castillo, RN,Dr. Godby, you don’t have to fill out the forms from insurance I sent you. I am canceling my disability claim because I’m getting better! Without the supplements you prescribed I would probably would have gotten weaker. I’m following your anti-inflammatory diet and haven’t had pain for a month. Thank you for finding out what was wrong with me when 3 other doctors said I was normal. I referred you to a friend and will spread the word about your care.”

Sacramento Attorney and Patient, Erin Radekin, on February 16, 2014 said:I have been receiving care from Dr. Godby since June, 2012. He is responsible for a revolutionary change in my approach to my health care and a positive change in my health. After being on synthroid and another pharmaceutical medication for 23 years, I was suffering from multiple serious conditions that caused debilitating symptoms – IBS, anemia, low vitamin b12, and other conditions. I had severe fatigue in the morning and afternoons, and would often feel like I was going to pass out after exercise. Dr. Godby ordered comprehensive lab testing and determined that my current thyroid medication was not treating my hypothyroidism, and that most of my health complaints were due to inadequately treated hypothyroidism. He recommended that I use natural dessicated thyroid, digestive enzymes and other supplements, and I began feeling better almost immediately after beginning this course of treatment. Over the next year he helped me to treat my adrenal insufficiency as well, and I finally began feeling better than I had in several years! As a result of his guidance my IBS is almost completely resolved as is my fatigue and other symptoms. He has also guided me regarding the use of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, which has contributed to my improved health and well-being.   Dr. Godby is a compassionate and very competent health care provider, and I highly recommend his services.  His staff is professional and responsive.  Dr. Godby and his staff always respond to my emails within 24 hours, and they are consistently courteous and helpful.  His services, lab testing and supplements are also affordable.  Most importantly, he has treated me as an equal partner in directing my healthcare treatment. I never feel like he does not respect my intelligence and innate knowledge of what is best for my body.  I am very grateful for Dr. Godby’s guidance and assistance and highly recommend his services.”

Hear what Dr. Godby’s patients have to say:

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