Revée “Dr. Ray” Barbour, ND MS

Dr. Ray was born and raised in the South. I’m a descendant of a long line of naturalists. My first exposure to natural medicine came in the form of my mom’s and Bigma’s (maternal grandmother) home remedies. From curing coughs to constipation, or bee stings to tummy aches, my matriarchs turned to herbs and natural household ingredients first before relenting to see the doctor. 

Since age 2, I always wanted to help people feel better. Although my stethoscope and thermometer were plastic toys at that time, in my eyes, they were magical tools capable of sussing out any illness. At that tender age, my soul knew who it was…a doctor. 

After seeing multiple loved-ones in and out of hospitals receiving subpar care, working in multiple healthcare fields, and the struggles of my own health, I knew there had to be a better way to approach medicine and heal the body. From there, my curiosity embarked on a fervent research process, which finally, led me to wonders of naturopathic medicine.

For my training and education, I attended and graduated from the National University of Natural Medicine with degrees in Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine, Master of Science in Integrative Medicine Research and an advanced obstetrics/midwifery certificate in Natural Childbirth. I have extensive training and experience in many areas including: primary care, women’s health, pediatric & adolescent medicine, acute care, mental & behavioral health support, addiction support, balanced-lifestyle management, anti-aging, mind-body medicine, trans health and more. 

My clinical approach is simple: real care with real results! My goal is to teach you how to ignite your internal ‘healing furnace” and promote lasting change in your health. I will implore many tools to accomplish your goals. I never accept the phrase, “I’ve tried everything.” Success is knowing there is always something we can do and never giving up!

Lastly, I became a doctor to help you because I am you! From my own life and healing journey, I know firsthand the challenges and frustrations associated with the road to wellness. Hence, it’s become my passion to heal and teach others how to not only conquer disease, but also their own personal roadblocks. To achieve your wellness goals, we will collaborate closely and unite as a team for your health. You no longer have to walk this journey alone, but instead, with an ally you can trust will truly listen and give the compassion you deserve. Let’s begin!