After 6 weeks of planning and preparation for the 30 day “superfood” diet – the day had finally arrived. I was excited to finally get going. One of my main goals in the last few days, regarding my special diet has been to attempt to not drive my wife “nuts” over the possible issues that may come up when one household member “does his own thing.” I haven’t necessarily, though, achieved my objective, yet.

Some of what is NOT on the diet is: IPA beer, or gluten, or cheese, or peanut butter, or burritos, or you get the idea! While there are a lot of NOs, there is also some incredibly tasty food as well: wild caught Alaskan salmon, blueberries, dark chocolate (yes, you read that correctly) – 85% dark chocolate with very low sugar content.

The Murphy’s Law came about when the wife, mentioned previously, said, let’s go to the movies at the last minute (which we had never done before on a Tuesday evening) and not go home and prepare food (which we do 99.9% of the time) after work.  So I had 5 minutes to run around downtown Davis looking for something on my special diet that I could eat (I couldn’t break my diet on my first day)! What did I find? I found a dark chocolate bar, imported from Italy, which cost $6.50, of which I ate 6 squares, and left the rest in my pocket.

After the movie – being a little hypoglycemic after eating the chocolate and not eating much on the first day of the diet – I was excited that we were heading home and that shortly I would be sinking my teeth into some salmon, broccoli, etc. But, of course, that didn’t happen. As we are dropping off my niece at her house, anticipating that we will be home in 5 minutes, at the very last second, the same wife says, by the way, please park because we are going to eat at my sister’s house. Of course, my wife or my sister-in-law had no idea of what was on my diet.  I politely or possibly impolitely declined, but thankfully, I avoided a panic attack, and made my way home and ate MY food

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