It seems that when I have a limited menu, of basically eating nothing other than what is on a list (no sampling, or eating at restaurants, or at other people’s houses, etc.,) I lose weight. Without trying (OK, maybe a little), I have lost about 4 pounds (171.5 to 167) and I’m on my sixth day.

This afternoon, for the first time on the diet, I had a headache. I do feel more inspired, and my mind seems sharper. I don’t know if I feel more inspired and my mind is sharper because of the actual food I am eating or not eating, or if it is because I am actually excited to be doing a diet. But, whatever the reason, I am enjoying myself during this fast from more lenient times.

My actual diet consists of Alaskan salmon; fruit (blueberries, berry blend, oranges); vegetables (mixed greens, broccoli, kale), miso soup, nuts (walnuts and almonds) and seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, flax), oils (coconut and olive), dark chocolate (86% cocoa/6 g sugar per ½ bar); miso soup; natto (Japanese delicacy that helps reduce viscosity of blood); and a few others

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