I had a wonderful evening last night speaking to the Greenhaven Mother’s Club about naturopathic medicine, and answering their questions.  Of course, whenever people gather, there is always food and drink. This evening was no different.  When I arrived for the gathering, Koy, the hostess for the evening, welcomed me and invited me to partake in the vast array of snacks and drinks. Normally I would have dived into the food, but on this the 10th day, I requested merely water, and put my attention elsewhere, instead of the food, distracting myself from the temptations by talking with some very nice women.

This, the morning of the 11th day, it’s important to emphasize that success on my diet has come from not only having an organized plan of what food I am going to eat each day, but having the food where I am when I need it. In my case, since I’m at the office from 7am to 6 or 7pm each day, I have to have quite a bit of my food at work, but also have to have the right food at home. If I wasn’t on a special diet and I got hungry at the office, I could always find food somewhere in the neighborhood. After hearing thousands of stories from patients about what they eat on a daily basis, I have come to the conclusion that many patients make unhealthier food choices because of the lack of planning, not because they don’t want to eat healthier. Until the diet, I was definitely guilty of that, as well.

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