Restricting Calories & Body Fat Reduction

As of Friday afternoon (Day 18), I had lost 8 pounds, and according to the BIA, my body fat had been reduced by 5.4% body fat since the diet begin on January 8. It is very interesting that all the markers on the BIA went in the right direction. The body fat % was reduced from 27.9% to 22.5%; actual fat from 47.8 to 36.8 pounds (11 pound fat loss). The metabolic rate (how many calories are burned if merely resting for a 24 hour period) increased from 1,750 to 1,791 calories. The intracellular water (the higher the better) went from 57.4% to 59%.

I weighed myself, again, on Saturday morning (19th day), and I was down another ½ pound to 163, from the original 171.5 lbs.

Now that I have done the BIA, I will begin exercising and continue until the end of diet and see what changes are apparent on the BIA and blood work. Yesterday, I started riding my bicycle, and rode 5 miles on my loop that I used to run in preparation for the run across the USA. It was a beautiful day in Davis; the streets were lined with an amazing number of residents and UCD students. I was also able to squeeze in some sit-ups and push-ups while watching my Portland Blazers basketball game, which felt wonderful!

Mind and Body

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to be psychologically and materially prepared for a change in diet. I will be discussing in the coming days and weeks what I believe to be critical factors in dramatically increasing the chances of being successful using nutrition for weight (fat) loss and getting healthier. I want you to be successful – not disappointed and feel like you have failed.

Yesterday was definitely a more active day than my normal Monday-Friday “desk job,” and with bicycling, I had to eat more than any other day since I started the diet. I felt hungrier and more low energy until I ate my 4:00 pm and after meals: 2 soft-boiled eggs, 4 oz wild caught Alaskan salmon, broccoli/onion/garlic mixture sautéed in olive oil, smoothie with blueberries, ground flax seeds, and two tablespoons coconut oil, and, of course, 2 little sections of a 86% cocoa dark chocolate/low sugar bar.

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