About Dr. Easter Ho, ND

Dr. Easter Ho, ND has been in private practice since 2018 while focusing on serving patients diagnosed with cancer of all stages and providing them with integrative and palliative medicine. Through the use of concurrent IV vitamin C, mistletoe therapy, herbal medicines, and diet and nutrient therapy, many patients are able to gain more energy, feel stronger, and experience a higher quality of life. Outside of the clinic, Dr. Easter is a speaker for Cancer Lifeline, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, Puget Sound Oncology Nursing Society, Institute for Functional Medicine, Platelet Disorder Support Association, Team Survivor Northwest, Alternative Food Network and Naturopathic Association of Primary Care Physicians.

“I have the privilege of working alongside two medical oncologists in the greater Seattle area, where I’m able to closely observe each patient’s cancer journey while receiving chemotherapy. I’m able to examine real time drug-drug and drug-herb interactions for patients undergoing active treatment. I have the opportunity to learn intimately the power of naturopathic and integrative medicine in managing chemotherapy, hormone therapy, targeted therapy, radiation therapy or immunotherapy-related side effects. One of the best parts of my work is to be able to build a close relationship with my patients and their friends and family, some of whom I see for primary cancer risk reduction and cancer prevention. I’m passionate about cancer survivorship because every cancer fighter is my hero.” – Dr. Easter Ho