All of us at Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center would like to  wish you a wonderful, blessed and joyful holiday season, and a healthy 2014! Just remember, about the joy part, don’t be so joyful this holiday season that you increase your carbohydrate (starch) consumption too much, AND, regardless of your plans for the holiday – keep moving your body. Whether you are currently doing a formal “exercise,” or not, MOVE, MOVE, and then MOVE some more! Move at every opportunity. Remember, “Perfection is the enemy of the good,” and do what you can do, rather than what you can’t do. Every movement, stretch, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, etc. makes a big difference. Please don’t wait until, “next year.” You will be proud of yourself if you start TODAY!

As a follow-up to a previous newsletter, I have been exercising regularly again, for the last 4 weeks and feel fantastic! I feel so much more productive, energetic, and I have more of a bounce in my step! I am now doing 4 Peaks. Check out the following link: The Cardio Way to Dramatically Increase Growth Hormone!

This holiday season newsletter begins with an incredible TRUE story of redemption and forgiveness that I told many times when I was a religious studies teacher. I am sure that you will find it inspiring and it calls us to our highest selves – rather than going to our well of fear. Then, following, is my most recent article, that summarizes what you and your loved ones need to know before going to the doctor. Please feel free to forward this newsletter, and all of our newsletters! Also below, there are several research articles on how critical it is, not just to exercise, but to move throughout the day.

The last, but not least, is the story of an organization that I believe with all my heart is worthy of your consideration. The organization isNature Doctors International, founded by global activist and visionary, and my naturopathic classmate, and colleague, Tabatha Parker, ND, One of Utne Reader’s 25 Visionaries ! During medical school, Tabatha and I worked together in a mostly low-income clinic that served Spanish-speaking immigrants. Our ND medical director was a Nicaraguan. He, Tabatha, and another student hatched the idea to open a clinic and make a difference internationally in Nicaragua. She followed through to build an organization, perhaps 1000% more impactful, than most anyone could have ever imagined! Tabatha is truly one of my heroes in the world today Dr. Tabatha Parker’s Complete Interview with Utne Reader

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