We are now offering 302 Studio facials- with optional ultrasound to deepen treatment.

302 gets its name from the molecular weight of a new patented compound from a rainforest avocado species that was originally studied at Eli Lilly and was later acquired by 302 Professional Skincare.

What does 302 treat?

302 works for aging, acne, rosacea and pigmentation.

How does 302 work on the skin?

The 302 compound works in two significant ways.  First, it provides big increases in energy by increasing glucose in the skin.  The glucose provides the energy for big gains in new healthy cell formation in the skin.  Aging skin tends to be weaker and needs energy.  Second, 302 softens skin noticeably – this is important because skin gets thin, impermeable and gristle-like as we age which traps uneven texture and pigment among other esthetic problems.  Because of this softening effect, 302 plumps up the crepe paper look.

How is 302 different than other skincare lines?

302 is different in several ways.  First, its biological philosophy.  We find that prompting the skin to respond to beneficial topical compounds, like 302, gets a better result than saturating the skin with lots of products.  Skin is weaker with age and drowning it in topical products weakens it further.  The goal is to get sustained results and that means stimulating the skin without going so far as to create an unsustainable ‘repair’ response that can quickly lead to irritation.  Our approach is logical and simple. 302 is not an acid.  So much of skincare now is about exfoliation.  The skin becomes unevenly pigmented and thin when it is exfoliated all the time.  It also loses its soft natural look.  302 does the opposite of acids – it promotes barrier growth and resilience.

What about ultrasound?

Ultrasound transmits ultrasonic waves to the skin which break up cellular waste (pigmentation).  Disclaimer: Ultrasound is not recommended if you have a pace maker or other electronic device.

302 Studio Skin Care Introductory Menu

1.  302 Facial Regeneration, 60 minutes ($65.00)

All the essential elements of healthy skin care are customized especially to your skin type. Includes:cleansing (extractions if necessary), massage, customized masque, eye treatment and moisturizer to restore radiance to your face. In addition, enjoy a relaxing scalp massage and/or hand and arm massage. Most favorable for Men and Women who are new to 302 skin care; and for everyone who has already transitioned to the 302 professional skin line.

2.  302 Ultrasound- Facial Regeneration, 60 minutes ($75.00)

An outstanding skin rejuvenation alternative that safely meets or exceeds any medical esthetic treatment result including laser and IPL (Intense Pulse Light). When combined with a 302 home care regime, twice monthly sessions for two months (4in all) will result in markedly firmer tissue, restored elasticity, clearing of pigmentation problems and dramatically improve texture and smoothness. Ultrasound and 302 treaments results will continue to build out for six months. *Twice yearly series of treatments can reverse visible aging and restore metabolic functionality in environmentally aged skin.

3.  302 Acne Facial, 60 minutes ($75.00 or $260 for series of 4) for Mild to Moderate Acne

Acne isn’t inevitable, it’s manageable! A combination of results oriented ingredients are designed to effectively heal, purify and strengthen.

4.  302 Ultrasound- Acne Facial, 60 minutes ($85.00 or $300 for series of 4)

A high value procedure to reduce acne: an effective alternative to expensive damaging peels and peroxide treatments. The use of ultrasound is highly recommended to reduce the appearance of acne scars. A series of four treatments spaced one to two weeks apart will give best results.

5.  302 Back Treatment: Regeneration ($65.00) or Acne, 40 minutes ($75.00)

Treat your back to the same essential elements of healthy skin care. Includes; cleansing (extractions if necessary), exfoliation, masque and moisturizer.

6.  302 Ultra-sensitive/ Rosacea Facial, 40 minutes ($65.00)

Ideally suited to improve the appearance of rosacea by rebuilding tissue that is weak and thin while also reducing inflammation. The key word to describe its benefits is “re-normalizing.” 302 Ultra-sensitive/ rosacea facial and 302 professional home care regime re-normalizes the look of problem skin.

Light Heat Energy Treatments

In alignment with the principles of Naturopathic medicine, we have added a new non-invasive, non-abrasive, safe and effective skin care service to our practice. After extensive research, we have decided to expand your treatment options using the natural healing powers of light heat energy (LHE) that treats acne, psoriasis, acne rosecea, skin rejuvenation (and even hair reduction!) without antibiotics, medication, injections, or surgery. These FDA-approved treatments will dovetail perfectly with the internal naturopathic medical work for healthy skin that we have been doing since the beginning of our Center. We see the value in helping our patients feel better about their appearance and we are aware that these external changes can be transformative – as it often leads to many other healthy lifestyle changes and other positive synergystic developments. To Take Advantage of our Introductory Special, Call the Office Today (916-446-2591) to schedule a free 15 minute consultation with Nisha, our esthetician, to see if Radiancy skin care might be a good option for you. You can also  e-mail Nisha at: SkinCare@SacND.com

For before and after pictures, please click the links below:

What people are saying about:

Psoriasis treatment: “I saw improvement in both lesions and itching beginning after the second week of treatment. And within 12 sessions the treated lesions disappeared completely.” – D.L., Patient Acne treatments: “After a total of eight treatments, everyone improved…” Gina L. Ressler, M.D. “I believe this is the first time that we’ve had an effective light therapy treatment for acne, without a need for any medication,” – Roy Skousen, D.O. Vascular Lesions: “I had a ton of little tiny veins on my nose and chin, but I didn’t want to pay for the expense of laser treatment, both monetarily and timewise. My doctor suggested LHE treatments, and I couldn’t be happier with the results” Hair reduction: “I saw that the light delivery and permanence of [LHE] were equivalent to the laser systems I had investigated. In fact, the results were essentially identical. [LHE] did what the rep said it could do – it provided significant longterm hair reduction.”