Managing your brain’s health is key to Alzheimer’s disease or dementia prevention. Read on to learn about methods on how to prevent dementia naturally.

Exercises for Reducing Risk

There is strong evidence now that suggests that exercising your brain can help in lowering your risk of dementia and other diseases. You can improve your brain health through daily activities such as puzzles and learning new things. Learning a new language, reading books, and writing are more great ways to boost your cognitive skills.

Be Socially Active

Engaging with others has a positive impact on your brain health. Through maintaining strong social connections you can also improve connections between nerve cells in the brain. Meeting up with friends at least once a week can help with keeping mentally active.

How to Prevent Dementia Naturally with a Balanced Diet

Eating a balanced diet that’s rich in vegetables, fruits, and lean protein helps in providing your brain with the vitamins and minerals needed for it to work properly. By minimizing the traditional, “Western diet” which relies heavily on convenient, processed foods, you can cut down on total caloric intake and sugar and positively impact your brain.

Learning how to prevent dementia naturally can help you implement actions for living a long and healthy life. The symptoms of dementia are not easy to live with, but by taking an active role in your health they can be prevented or reversed. Do you or a loved one struggle with Alzheimer’s? Contact the Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center to learn more about natural treatment options from a Certified Brain Health Coach.

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