1. When was your last blood test?
  2. How many items were on that test?
  3. How long did your doctor spend with you explaining the results?
  4. Did your doctor use the standard WIDE reference range – where almost everybody looks healthy – OR the much tighter “optimal” range (i.e. Jack LaLanne approach) with much higher standards, and a much higher likelihood of finding important clues to help you with your health?
  5.  Were the blood tests used by your doctor: a. to help you prevent disease? b. to help you optimize your health? c. to educate you about lifestyle changes that may be helpful?
  6.  Is your doctor a medical “detective,” trying to find the cause(s) of your dis-ease?
  7. Is your doctor trained in conventional and Naturopathic/Functional medicine?
  8.  Did your doctor give you a copy of your blood test and encourage you to understand some of the key components of the test?
  9. Did your doctor order a Vitamin D 25 OH test for you?  What were the ranges: 20-100 or a more optimal disease-preventing range of 60-80?
  10. What are your goals – to merely avoid a disease or to be as healthy and energetic as you can be?

It is not possible to overemphasize how critical it is for people to do regular blood tests. I will never forget the patient who came in for an appointment shortly after she went blind and into heart failure from the effects of undiagnosed diabetes because she had been avoiding doctors for eight years and didn’t know she had diabetes! Not only are CA-licensed naturopathic doctors primary care doctors medically trained to spot actual disease processes from blood tests, but they are also the doctors uniquely qualified to help YOU PREVENT these diseases and spot the PATTERNS of emerging disease on the blood tests and then design a specific program of intervention and lifestyle changes necessary to help get YOU and YOUR LOVED ONES to your most energetic self! Is your health and energy important enough to be evaluated by one of California’s natural medicine and blood chemistry experts?