Although insurance companies are not required to cover Naturopathic Doctor services in California, more and more health insurance companies are covering naturopathic office visits. You can ask your insurance company whether you have Naturopathic coverage directly. If you believe Naturopathic Doctor services are covered, you can request a “Superbill” from our office, and then you can submit it to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. 

Besides your monthly health insurance premium, if you routinely pay additional substantial out-of-pocket, co-pay expenses for such things as: routine medical appointments, prescription drugs, blood and other laboratory tests, etc, Naturopathic Medicine may be a bargain compared to those out-of-pocket medical expenses.  What you receive from Naturopathic Medicine is nothing less than a health plan designed by your ND that will help you to thrive over the long haul, not just to reduce your symptoms for the short run.

If you have an insurance that does not cover these naturopathic services, you can use of a Health Savings Account (HSA) or flexible savings plan may to cover your care. Check with your employer to see if one of these options are available. If you do not have naturopathic coverage, let your insurance company know that this is something you would like for them to provide in the future. More coverage will become standard when more individuals request it! For more information on health insurance and naturopathic medicine, please follow the link: