• What to Know Before You Go to the Doctor
    Dr. Dennis Godby
    If you are seeking optimal health, the good news is that it is easier and less complicated than you may think.
  • Gluten Sensitivity
    Dr. Dennis Godby & Dietitian Meghan
    It could be about life and death. As gluten free breads, cakes, snacks and menus are becoming more popular, many people are asking, “What’s all the fuss??”
  • Knowledge and prevention for greater well-being
    Meghan O’Hara, RD and Dennis Godby, ND, MA
    This is the third of a three part series on the principles of naturopathic medicine. These six principles are founded on medical tradition and scientific evidence and used by naturopathic doctors to diagnose and treat patients
  • Letting nature heal, and curing the whole planet
    Meghan O’Hara, RD and Dennis Godby, NMD
    This article is part two of a three-part series discussing the principles of naturopathic medicine. These six principles are founded on medical tradition and scientific evidence and used by naturopathic doctors
  • The Founding Principles of Naturopathic Medicine
    As Naturopathic Medicine becomes increasingly popular, (there are now over 400 licensed California -licensed natural medicine primary care doctors) many people have been wondering, “What exactly is Naturopathy?”
  • Spring cleaning for your life
    Spring is the perfect season to open the doors and windows of our homes and do a thorough “spring cleaning.” It is also a great time to “air out” the houses of our body and mind to revitalize our physical and mental health.
  • Live a healthy life by choice, not chance
    Meghan O’Hara and Dennis Godby, NMD
    In contemplating this month’s column near the March 17 celebration date, we thought of the word ‘luck,’ and that getting and staying healthy is anything but luck.
  • How to get the love you want
    Meghan O’Hara, RD and Dennis Godby, NMD
    While Valentine’s Day is a special day on the 365 day calendar to celebrate love, romance and treat the other significant people in our lives with extra kindness and intimacy, the question has to be asked, what about the other 364 days of the year from February 15 until February 13?
  • Healthy Weight Loss in the New Year
    Dennis Godby, NMD, and Meghan O’Hara, RD
    As health care providers, we fully recognize that excess weight leads to higher rates of diabetes, heart disease, stroke and other serious health conditions. But we’re equally aware of the tragic consequences of a nation striving to look like supermodels, unable to accept their own unique bodies.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition
    Dr. Dennis Godby
    Could you use the gift of health this holiday season? You can transform your health and energy in as little as two weeks by adhering to the “anti-inflammatory nutritional plan” detailed below.
  • Arm yourself for Swine Flu and Winter Illness
    Dr. Dennis Godby
    Many are conflicted – to get the H1N1 (Swine Flu) shot or not.Regardless of what you decide for you and your family members, everyone would be wise to work at preventing the flu. Your best defense against the virus or any other infection is to strengthen your immune system
  • Male Menopause and the Female Hormone Progesterone
    Dr. Dennis Godby
    Perhaps you are among the tens of millions of men in this country who are on the slippery slope of losing vitality, will admit, at least to yourself, that you are going downhill, and in the process are losing some of your enthusiasm for life as you age.
  • Andropause -Male Menopause
    Dr. Dennis Godby
    Are you among the millions of men who are losing vitality as you age – also called andropause (the male version of menopause) – the lowering of “androgen” (male-type) hormone levels, DHEA, androstenedione and particularly, testosterone?
  • California threatens naturopathic care
    Dr. Dennis Godby
    Most California healthcare consumers are probably unaware that Governor Schwarzenegger is recommending the elimination of the Naturopathic Licensing Bureau, which licenses naturopathic doctors
  • Some tests just shouldn’t be graded on a curve
    Dr. Dennis Godby
    Has your doctor told you, “your blood test results are completely normal,” but instead of feeling relief, you felt worse, knowing that something was wrong, but the doctor was unable to find any answers?
  • Insomnia, Sleep on it and feel refreshed
    Dr Dennis Godby
    A 2008 sleep study showed that 47% of adults and 57% of children in the U.S. do not sleep enough. The American daily average is now only 6 hours and 40 minutes, and still declining, far off the adult-recommended 8 hours, and far below the 9 hours that Americans used to sleep
  • Starting a New Exercise Program, not a Luxury
    Dr. Dennis Godby
    When my patients use their age to justify their declining health and energy, I just say “Jack LaLanne, still going strong at almost 95 years young,” to encourage them to set their sights on preventing disease, and to strive for feeling healthy, energetic, strong and vital. Regular, vigorous exercise is a requirement for this to occur!
  • Build muscle; burn more fat
    Dr. Dennis Godby
    While you can’t change a slow metabolic genetic predisposition, you can still burn fat more efficiently, add more muscle, and get and stay healthy.
  • Heal yourself and the planet
    Dr. Dennis Godby
    Pessimism and despair lead to diseased individuals and to a diseased planet. Despite the inescapable bad news, the Jan. 20 inauguration of the 44th U.S. president has given many Americans a new reason for optimism and hope
  • Food Allergies – What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You
    Dr. Dennis Godby
    Naturopathic medical doctors often see themselves as “medical detectives.” One of the six powerful principles of naturopathic medical doctors is to identify and treat the underlying causes of illness and to help patients remove the obstacles to cure, rather than merely treating symptoms
  • Attitude impacts well-being
    Dr. Dennis Godby
    As we embark upon another holiday season, and difficult economic times, we may want to “go back to the drawing board,” and decide what is really important in our lives, relationships and health!
  • Vitamin D levels drop as winter’s gloom nears
    Dr. Dennis Godby
    If living a long and healthy life is a priority, it is imperative to know that simply having a low level of Vitamin D is associated with an amazing 26 percent increased rate of death, from all causes, according to an August, 2008 Archives of Internal Medicine study.
  • Nutritional Supplements Quality
    Dr. Dennis Godby
    The most expensive dietary supplement you can take is the one that does not work, or even worse, may even cause harm!
  • Children’s health in the new school year
    Dr. Dennis Godby
    One thing I know for certain – parenting is tough, very tough. I am reminded of that fact, daily, not just by having two teenage sons myself, but also hearing the many gut-wrenching stories of the concerned parents who enter my office looking for answers for their children’s health.
  • Gluten sensitivity shows up all over the patient’s body
    Dr. Dennis Godby
    The celiac disease (CD)/gluten intolerance (GI) good news is that this condition is 100% curable – if one is willing to avoid all gluten, permanently – 100% of the time!
  • Celiac Disease and a Gluten Free Diet
    Dr. Dennis Godby
    I have to admit, despite a thorough naturopathic medical education, I didn’t take celiac disease (CD) seriously enough – until recently.
  • Adrenal fatigue, perfectionism and your health
    Dr. Dennis Godby
    Pursuing excellence is admired, encouraged and rewarded by our society. Parents, teachers and other adults heroically guide our youth to excel.
    Sometimes, however, this well-intentioned zeal to help our children succeed.
  • Liver Detoxification
    Dr. Dennis Godby
    Our bodies must be able to detoxify, or neutralize, toxins in the environment (chemicals, plastics, heavy metals, etc.), as well as those produced within our own bodies.
  • Spring Cleaning for the body
    Dennis Godby
    If the new season inspires you to spring-clean your home, you may want to add “spring cleaning” for your body as well!
  • Metabolic indicators hold key to preventing diabetes and heart disease
    Dr. Dennis Godby
    Insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome are at the heart of both type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
  • It’s a toxic world, and our bodies have to deal with it
    Dr. Dennis Godby
    Our bodies absorb or ingest toxins on a daily basis from our: food, air, homes, water, drugs and medications, which dramatically affect our health.
  • Medical testing can find the source of what ails us
    Dr. Dennis Godby
    If you want to make dramatic improvement in your health in 2008, Dr. Chris Meletis, ND, recommends four simple laboratory tests before embarking on your health journey. Meletis tells his patients, “Tests Don’t Guess.”
  • It’s winter – Are your transmitters up to par?
    Dr. Dennis Godby
    With daylight diminishing and winter approaching, November is a wonderful time to find out if you have neurotransmitter imbalances, as the neurotransmitter, serotonin, is normally at its lowest in the winter.
  • Hypochlorhydria
    Dr. Dennis Godby
    If you or a loved one experiences: frequent after meal abdominal bloating, gas, “heartburn,” indigestion and belching; weak fingernails; hair loss or thin, brittle hair; dry or weak skin; or a sense of rapid aging, please keep reading about a condition, not well-known in conventional medicine – low hydrochloric acid in the stomach.
  • Stress – the great accelerator of aging
    Dr Godby
    The adrenal glands may be the Rodney Dangerfield of the body, “they get no respect” ..until one suffers from debilitating fatigue, insomnia, weight gain, depression, and many other serious symptoms and conditions associated with adrenal exhaustion.
  • Parents can set up children for a lifetime of good health
    Dr. Dennis Godby
    Despite material abundance and technological success, or perhaps because of it, statistics show that our children are part of one of the unhealthiest generations in world history.
  • Exercise is the key to vitality, overcoming depression
    Dr. Dennis Godby, NMD
    Chemicals secreted by the brain contribute to what endurance exercise enthusiasts call “runner’s high.” Even though the physical benefits of exercise are enormous, the mental clarity, vitality, and improvement in perceived quality of life is what keeps people motivated to exercise, day after day.
  • Poor eating habits contribute to depression
    Dr. Dennis Godby
    Although there is rarely just one cause, a poor diet often makes a significant contribution to depression. A deficiency of any single nutrient can alter brain function and lead to depression, anxiety and other mental disorders.
  • Depression a widespread source of suffering
    Dr. Dennis Godby
    Depression significantly impacts the lives for at least 10% of the U.S. population. If the same 10% also applies to Davis, 6,400 residents from our town suffer from clinical depression. More than 30 million Americans take anti-depressant or anti-anxiety drugs!
  • Lifestyle changes can help tame the diabetes epidemic
    Dr. Dennis Godby
    Type 2 diabetes (T2D), now epidemic in the United States, is a national tragedy, as 1 in 3 Americans – born in the 21st century – are expected to become diabetic, even young children.
  • Hormones key to dropping excess weight
    Dennis Godby, NMD
    To improve body composition and achieve optimal health, balancing your hormones are critical to short- and long-term success.