A Safe and Natural Way
of Optimizing Your Health.

It’s time to take healthy living to the cellular level.  Learn about key issues impacting your body through the Cell Well Being Test. Through this hair test, we can determine overall nutritional deficiencies; environmental challenges like toxic metals, radiation, etc.; bodily systems under stress; microbial picture; and even electromagnetic radiation exposure. Once the causes are identified, action can be taken to improve your body’s chemistry and cell functioning.

Receive a 39 page report with results in 20 minutes to your email. Over 100 possibilities on the test, including: Vitamins, Minerals, Anti-oxidants, Essential amino acids, Essential fatty acids, Bodily systems under duress, Environmental toxins, Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), Bugs

Nutritional Hair Test

The Optimize Reports


Includes 15 Min Consult to explain results (View sample here)

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