Food Allergy Testing

The Foods You Eat May Be The Cause Of Your Health Problems

Conventional Medicine typically does not test for hidden or delayed food allergies (IgG reactions) but only looks at immediate (IgE reactions) such as hives, itching, anaphalyctic shock, etc. Hidden and delayed food allergies have many and varied symptoms that affect every system of the body.  Symptoms can manifest as anxiety, depression, headaches, rashes, GI upset (gas, bloating, constipation), acne, fatigue, and weight gain. Dr. Godby has seen hundreds of his patients improve dramatically after avoiding the foods to which they are allergic.  Many people don’t realize they are walking around with hidden and delayed food allergies that wreak havoc on their bodies!

   For more detailed information read Dr. Godby’s article What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You or check out US Biotek’s Website.

     We can do this simple finger-stick blood test in our office; no need to schedule ahead!