March 7, 2017

Dr. Godby,

For the past few months I’ve had a difficult time seeing out of my glasses. I thought my vision was tanking! Anyway, I went to the eye doctor, and my eyes have improved so much – that they were amazed!! My glasses were overcorrecting my eyes. Anyway, I’m giving you and my supplements credit of this. Great job!!! Thank you so much!! Also, thank you so much for helping me to relieve my extremely uncomfortable digestive issues. That is a thing of the past!!

Claudia Kehler, Fair Oaks, CA


March 10, 2017

Dr. Godby,

I thought you might be interested in a recent hospital visit I had. I was feeling short of breath in bed early Super Bowl Sunday, and had my wife drive me to Mercy Folsom to get checked out. I was there 1 1/2 days, and they checked everything, including a Cat scan where they put radio active dye in your blood, and then do the scan, plus a stress ekg, and then sent me back in for another CT scan after the ekg. They did not find any clots or any blockages anywhere. At 69 years of age it would not have shocked me at all for them to have found either a blockage or restricted blood flow somewhere.

After the fact it was concluded that I was having an allergic reaction to the vape juice my wife is using, and in that juice is Vegetable glycerin which can cause shortness of breath, and also create symptoms of sleep apnea. It is my firm belief that the number 1 reason all my cardio looked so good, and clean, is due to the multi vitamin you started me on in 2009, Vasculo Sirt. I was at my PCP’s office last week for a testosterone shot, and my blood pressure was down to 132/78. Now I just need to lose 35 pounds I have gained since retirement. You are the best, and so is VasculoSirt!

Best Regards,

Ron Reid
Orangevale, CA


My abridged testimony after seeing Dr. Godby for the first time…                                                      Carrie Wolverton, February 12, 2016

Tonight, I cried at dinner..

Now, before you write me off as some crazy emotional woman, let me explain…for the first time I can remember in the past 10 years, I came home from work on a Friday night and I cooked dinner. I didn’t HAVE to cook dinner because someone was depending on me, I WANTED to cook dinner, and just for one person no less. Not only did I cook my chicken corn chowder on the stove, I BAKED corn muffins in the oven, and the whole time, I never once wanted to go lay down on the couch! That may seem normal to you, but for the last 10 years, I’ve been living with that was ignorantly diagnosed as #ChronicFatigueSyndrome. What changed? I stumbled across an article written by a #DrGodby on the erroneous reference ranges sited by the nation’s leading laboratories in regards to our #thyroid hormone levels. Everything he said resonated deeply with me, as I’d always believed I had some form of #hypothyroidism because I had the textbook symptoms, but all the blood work ordered by the 50+ doctors I’ve seen in the last decade had come back in the “normal” range, and they all refused to treat based on symptoms only. I decided right away that I needed to travel to Sacramento and see him. One month ago I drove the 2 hours down for my initial consultation, and for the first time in my entire life, I experienced a medical provider that not only listened to my symptoms, asked detailed questions, and had the greatest level of empathy I’ve ever witnessed! While I was there, he asked me if I would like to try the #ThyroFlex test. I was told it was non-invasive, so I agreed. Within 10 minutes, I had my results, and the only person shocked by my results was my nurse (she told me I was too young and too vibrant-looking to have been so sick for so long). I was through the roof #hypothyroid! Rather than wait on extensive lab work, Dr. Godby gave me a prescription for #NatureThroid right then and there. I had to wait 3 weeks before I could start taking it but I finally got to start 3 days ago. I didn’t expect much in 3 days, but I haven’t taken a nap since I started, and I found out tonight I actually had motivation and energy to cook! I’m in awe…

This man is hands-down the most amazing, caring, compassionate, empathetic, logical, attentive doctor I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to over 50 in the last decade! Finally having someone truly listen to your symptoms and your needs, and then immediately doing something about it was not something I was used to, but Dr. Godby did just that and thanks to him, hopefully I’m on the road to recovery!

If I could give him 100 stars I would!!! He’s worth the time, the money, and the drive! Thank you Dr. G and staff!


Hello Dr. Godby,

I wanted to reach out and thank you for your work with my daughter. Her championships are in 3 weeks and she is feeling very, very good at this point.  She has adapted to her allergy test results and has been very disciplined about her supplements. In the past 30 days, my wife and I can see her that her mind and body have gone thru a transformation.  She is reporting more energy and during/after workouts more strength, and has helped put her mind at ease and we think reduced her stress levels.  

She has also adopted a very structured food intake program.  Nutrition is now a very high priority and she is being very selective about both her ingredients and her eating habits.  

Her visit to Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center was a great experience and she seems to, at this point, be on a very good path with both her nutrition and her body functions.

This brings me to the second point of reaching out: Have you thought about taking your practice in a direction which targets athletes?  I think most athletes are somewhat disciplined in their approach to most of the things which surround their lives – not all, mind you, but most.  I would bet that most athletes suffer some form of body function let down at some point in their lives but because they are athletes they tend to ‘fight thru’ the downturn.  After working with you and your naturopathic medicine, I have learned a LOT about my own body functions, supplements as a way of helping the underperforming functions, and nutrition as a way to balance everything.  

Thanks again for your help with my daughter…..and for your help in restoring my body to balance!

Greg MacArt, Woodland, CA, February 11, 2016


Testimonial from Daina, 40 year old female, Carmichael, CA:

Upon meeting Dr. Dennis Godby, ND, I knew I’d finally found the naturopathic doctor who could help me stabilize, if not one day cure, my Hashimotos Thyroiditis. For the first consultation, Dr. Godby listened. I finally felt heard. And I knew by the extensive questionnaire, the level of discourse we had in his office, the number and types of tests he suggested, and his genuine compassion for healing, that I was on the right path. I had struggled for two years in a system that treats symptoms and not causes. I had seen two different endocrinologists who simply kept increasing my dosage of a medication that worked only occasionally and in spurts. I was in a serious decline of extreme fatigue and depression, complete with aching muscles and joints, insomnia, anxiety, lack of sexual drive, a lack of zest for life, hair loss, etc. I was having difficulty balancing my roles as high school teacher, mother, and wife. I had already made positive diet changes, but I still felt ill most of the time. And no matter the questions I asked my previous doctors, based on proven research, I was gently dismissed and encouraged to take more of the same medicine. My frustration was at its breaking point, and I needed to regain my life. I was 40 and despite eating well and exercising, I felt elderly most of the time. Something had to change.

After saliva, urine, and blood tests, the results were eye opening and I began a course of treatments and supplements advised by Dr. Godby. Within four weeks I was beginning to have glimpses of my former self. I caught myself singing in the car on the way to work. I was able to stay up past 7:30 pm to read books to my child. I found the vitality to engage in life again, and my moods and energy stabilized. After six weeks, I felt profoundly better, so much so, in fact, that at my follow-up appointment I cried again–this time tears of relief. I’m so grateful to Dr. Godby and the health and hope he’s restored in me. Having Hashimoto’s thyroiditis or any disease is a journey, and I know I will always have to balance this, but having Dr. Dennis Godby as one my mentors and practitioners, my faith has been that I can live with this and live well.

Daina, Carmichael, CA, 2.8.16

Hear what Dr. Godby’s patients have to say:


Patient Sabrina Mathews wrote on Angie’s List: “I went to Dr. Godby 6 or 7 times within a year. I was having symptoms that no doctor could figure out. I was referred to Dr. Godby and described my symptoms. I thought I was pretty healthy but it turns out that I was allergic to the foods I was eating. I feel that Dr. Godby saved my life. He is super nice, listens to everything and then analyzes. I give a grade A for everything!

Sacramento Patient Shari Smith: “I greatly appreciate you getting back to me on a Sunday. I admire your dedication to your patients, you are such an inspiration! I sincerely thank you for your contributions to our health!”

Elk Grove Registered Nurse Ernalyn Castillo, RN, “Dr. Godby, you don’t have to fill out the forms from insurance I sent you. I am canceling my disability claim because I’m getting better! Without the supplements you prescribed I would probably would have gotten weaker. I’m following your anti-inflammatory diet and haven’t had pain for a month. Thank you for finding out what was wrong with me when 3 other doctors said I was normal. I referred you to a friend and will spread the word about your care.”

I have been receiving care from Dr. Godby since June, 2012. He is responsible for a revolutionary change in my approach to my health care and a positive change in my health. After being on synthroid and another pharmaceutical medication for 23 years, I was suffering from multiple serious conditions that caused debilitating symptoms – IBS, anemia, low vitamin b12, and other conditions. I had severe fatigue in the morning and afternoons, and would often feel like I was going to pass out after exercise. Dr. Godby ordered comprehensive lab testing and determined that my current thyroid medication was not treating my hypothyroidism, and that most of my health complaints were due to inadequately treated hypothyroidism. He recommended that I use natural dessicated thyroid, digestive enzymes and other supplements, and I began feeling better almost immediately after beginning this course of treatment. Over the next year he helped me to treat my adrenal insufficiency as well, and I finally began feeling better than I had in several years! As a result of his guidance my IBS is almost completely resolved as is my fatigue and other symptoms. He has also guided me regarding the use of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, which has contributed to my improved health and well-being.

Dr. Godby is a compassionate and very competent health care provider, and I highly recommend his services.  His staff is professional and responsive.  Dr. Godby and his staff always respond to my emails within 24 hours, and they are consistently courteous and helpful.  His services, lab testing and supplements are also affordable.  Most importantly, he has treated me as an equal partner in directing my healthcare treatment. I never feel like he does not respect my intelligence and innate knowledge of what is best for my body.

I am very grateful for Dr. Godby’s guidance and assistance and highly recommend his services.  Erin Radekin, Sacramento, (2014)

I came to see Dr. Godby for natural hormone replacement therapy because of severe hot flashes and night sweats. It is too early to tell how effective the hormones will be, but the nutritional supplements and the Vitamin B12 shot have helped tremendously.

Dr. Godby is a very good doctor who shows that he really cares about his patients, as well as getting to the root of the problem. He offers support on all levels to get to the root of the reason I came in to see him. He is very informative and extremely helpful beyond belief in his knowledge of naturopathic medicine and how to prescribe for a patient’s health issues. He cares deeply about a patient’s health. He is easy to talk with, as well.

The staff is very friendly and supportive. I love this place. I would highly recommend Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center if you are looking for a doctor who will get to the root of the problems. Lisa Chrysler, Sacramento, CA, (2013)

Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring story of “The Run: Moving Natural Medicine Forward” with our attendees! All of our conference attendees are so interested in and committed to naturopathic medicine. Your talk was a smashing success! Thank you again for traveling all the way to Las Vegas, and for your preparation and wonderful presentation! Diana Mercer, Natural Products Association, (2012)

“I first came to Dr. Godby about 3 years ago.  I was feeling angry, frustrated and tired.  I had two amazing, young children, yet I was always angry.  I knew it had to be better than that.

I had gone to all of my conventional doctors searching for answers to my questions.  I felt like something was wrong, but they didn’t have any answers.  They just said, “Eat right and exercise”.  I ate pretty well already.  I kept asking myself, “What does this mean?” Again, no answers.  I refused to take that as my only option.  Then I found Dr. Godby.

At our first meeting, I finally had hope.  In the hour together, Dr. Godby took the time to get to know me, my past and my present.  We worked on a plan together to help me feel better.

The first thing was to go on the 30-day anti-inflammatory diet.  Honestly, this was a little daunting, but at the same time I was desperate to feel better.  It just took planning and an open mind with regards to food.  The first two weeks was the most difficult.  I had major sugar withdrawals and I still felt horrible.  I wanted the quick fix to feel better.

The quick fix didn’t happen for me, it was more like a long winding road ending on a beautiful ocean beach.  I caught a glimpse approximately a month after I completed the diet.  I went to a baby shower and was offered a piece of cake and thought, “I haven’t had cake in a while, a small piece wouldn’t hurt”.  Well, 15 minutes later, I had a headache, stomach ache and chest pain.  This was the first real realization that I was feeling better.  I had chest pain my whole life and figured I’d probably die of a heart attack.  Until the chest pain came back I had no idea it was gone.  It took about 3 months for me to realize that my moods had mellowed out.  My husband started acknowledging a difference in me.  I had better control with my children and more energy to handle life.

It really took me about 1 year to accept this as my new life.  I had to grieve my old life, my family traditions and my connections with certain foods.  I had to make new connections with food and life.  After the first year, I embraced my new life.  I enjoyed my family and creating new traditions and experimenting with food.  I figured out that I have to avoid sugar, dairy and wheat to maintain the good health that I’m enjoying.  Exercise is a big part of that too!

Thank you Dr. Godby and Staff for loving what you do and offering your support and guidance for those of us that want to love our lives too!” Erin Bartley, Sacramento, CA, (2013)

“Dr. Godby has been the catalyst for me FINALLY feeling good after many years of stomach trouble.. I am happy… I feel my best in years!! Also, my son’s feet from severe eczema are no longer raw and bleeding, with no side effects from drugs; his stomach and his overall health have improved significantly. Dr. Godby’s staff is very helpful and very friendly; Dr. Godby has always been extremely timely in getting back to me via email. I would and have recommended him to my friends and family.” — Nicole Mazzone, Rocklin, CA, January, 2013

“What you have done for naturopathic medicine is outstanding, but even more so for the health and consciousness of the American public. You set the example for others to follow, true trailblazers in every sense of the word.” — Carl Hangee-Bauer, ND, LAc, President, American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (2011)

“I want to tell you how much we enjoyed your presentation. Your delivery was so engaging that I think we lost track of time. We have never had an ND speak to the group, so it was a real treat that you could join us. On behalf of the Greenhaven Mother’s Club organization thank you for a memorable and very informative presentation.”  — Koy, Greenhaven Mother’s Club (January 20, 2013)

After years of struggling with acne, I came into to see Dr. Godby. I wanted a solution, not a cover up. I was also experiencing serious hormonal issues and felt out of balance. I first had to do some simple tests and found out that I had an hidden allergies to certain foods, was hypothyroid and was lacking essential vitamins. After Dr. Godby prescribed my daily supplements, my body started to balance out. My face cleared up and even my hormones became balanced. I have only been taking my supplements for just seven months but I feel much better emotional and internally! I have learned to eat healthier, to read labels, and to eat foods that benefit my body as a whole. The staff has been very helpful and friendly whenever I call to get a refill on my supplements. I like the convenience of them mailing supplements so that customers don’t have to drive to get them. I highly recommend that make an appointment to see Dr. Godby, as he will find the causes of your problems and show you ways that you can naturally heal, rather than just taking medication to suppress the problem! —Elsa Butler, Sacramento, 2013

“I am speechless. I am impressed with your creations… not only The Run and its mission, success and all of the details that have gone into making it amazingly powerful; but also your family.” — Kelly Parcell, ND, Boulder, CO

“In 18 years of dealing with psoriasis, I’ve tried many different forms of therapy, almost all of which have yielded little or no benefit. LHE (light heat energy) is the only treatment to date which has made a significant and lasting difference in the severity of my symptoms. Thank you Dr. Godby and Janna for making me aware of this safe and effective option.” — Dr. David Gunther, DC, Sacramento, (2010)

“I came to you a few months ago looking for some answers to what I felt were non-specific aches and pains, mental depression and despondency and what I like to call, spiritual shut-downness. But, what I came away with after testing and our 2 appointments is a completely new way to look at health and wellness and a way to integrate my whole self into my own specific cure.

I believe the most startling recognition that I experienced was that I did not realize how awful I was feeling for such a long period of time! I was negating my emotional pain as just, ‘well, that’s the way it is deal with it.’ My physical pain I tried to relieve with massage, chiropractor, and even acupuncture, but never really felt any lasting relief, so once again, ‘just deal with it.’ And perhaps the most amazing part is that I started realizing the positive effects of the program you put me on within a week of starting.

No ‘medicine’ I’ve ever taken, or treatment I’ve ever undertaken has helped me in such a profound way, so quickly and lastingly, and I mean this from a whole body, mind and spirit perspective. I want to also add that your perspective on diet has probably had the most profound effect on my new life of health. It’s been so much fun watching and feeling how my body is changing, slowly but positively – my weight is coming down, my gut pain and stomach discomfort is completely gone, my allergies have improved significantly, my energy is back, and my desire to stray off the path, so to speak, has lowered. And when I do stray, I don’t chastise myself, but I watch what happens to my body and can now recognize what might have caused the discomfort that I will inevitably experience. I know that the combination of the natural products I am now taking and the diet that I am following has made profound and positive changes to my life. This is measurable, this is observable, this is real. My friends are amazed, my husband is amazed, I am amazed.

I hope at least some of the people I’m talking with about your gift of healing will contact you and find the health they deserve to have. Thank you SO MUCH, Dr. Godby. — Lola Blevins, Volcano, CA (2009)

“I am inspired by your vision and passion for health!” — Anne Priest, DO, Folsom, CA (2011)

“I had read a lot of very good sounding things about Natural Medicine, but had my doubts about them really being true. Eventually I decided that I would give it a try, after all, my experience with ‘mainstream’ medicine had not worked out very well and appeared to be leading me toward more problems. Part of that decision was that I would either take your advice and go “all out” or I would not take it at all. As it turns out, Natural Medicine Rocks!

When I first visited you in January of 2010, I had already managed to stop taking Protein Pump Inhibitors for my acid reflux. I had been taking the medication for about 11 years. I got off of it because I was not feeling well, had little enthusiasm for getting things done, had a much degraded endurance level, and had digestive problems. Although I wasn’t taking the pills, the Acid Reflux was gone many days in a row and then would be back for a day or two. It was not possible for me to control. At my first visit, you recommended two tests and gave me an initial diet plan. Within two days I had implemented it (I hadn’t cooked in 20 years so it took a bit of an effort). When the test results came back and showed that I had a significant list of food allergies I went on the new diet plan and stuck to it.

I have not had a single occurrence of Acid Reflux since I started the preliminary diet. Furthermore, as time progressed I felt more energetic and began to lose the excess fat around my waist. I eventually lost 22 pounds and am at the weight I was when I ran the marathons in 1980. After only about five months it appeared that the majority of problems my body had accrued during the 11 years of medication had either vanished or at least faded into the background.

Now, after five months of slowly adding food items back into my diet, I have noticed that my varicose veins in my legs have disappeared, my hair is now regaining color, and my skin is getting younger looking; I did not expect these to happen. The only ‘negative’ side affect that I have noticed is that since I was feeling so much better I over committed myself to volunteer work and have been busy every day trying to get projects done around town. It’s not a bad thing, I just need to control my enthusiasm a little. I thank you for your help and your genuine interest in your patients.” — Larry Ryan, Sacramento, (2010)

“You are so amazing and inspiring. I am so proud of you all and thank you for everything you have done to help advance the health of our country.” — Bianca Garilli, ND, Davis, CA (2011)

When I first came to Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center, just three weeks ago, I was depressed, had very little energy, my hormones were out of balance, had significant digestive problems, as well as having difficulty organizing my thoughts and following through on projects.

Now, I am feeling great! I have plenty of energy all day long. I’ve started gardening and going to the gym again. My digestive problems are resolving, and my thinking is much better! Dr. Godby and his staff are wonderful! They have addressed all my concerns in a wholistic manner. The tests that were recommended were able to pinpoint the issues and provide a basis from which to develop a plan of action. Following the treatment plan is easy, and the results are magnificent!”
— Patricia Rieta-Garcia, Lodi (2010)

“It was such an honor to be a part of the RUN! Spending time with you all was incredibly inspiring – my friends and family who witnessed your efforts were inspired as well. Thank YOU for doing what you are doing!” — Mandy Corwin, ND, Arlington, VA (2011)

“On Monday I reached a goal of losing 50 lbs!! After round one of Hc3 and losing 41 pounds, I have been on the second round for 14 days now and have lost 11 lbs!! I was on the Reset for 15 days and gained only 1 lb. I feel great and I don’t look to shabby either. My blood pressure is 118 over 80 with no meds!! I put my c-pap machine (breathing machine) away over a month ago and am not planning on ever getting it out again (my wife really wants to thank you for that )

I went from size 40 waist jeans to 34’s and I just bought 33’s because I have got 20 more lbs to lose and I will bet that 32’s are coming! My goal is to weigh 199 lbs. which would be a total of 70lbs lost!! This has been a life changing experience for me.

Thank you so much for all the support from your staff and the caring heart that you have for your clients. I will be in after the first of the year for a body impedance analysis; I can hardly wait to see my results! Please pass this on to everyone in your office, my family appreciate them all so much!” — Jon Wildberger, Rocklin (2010)

“I had been getting the run around from other physicans for 5 months, as I frantically tried to get help for my 2-year-old son who had chronic eczema. His feet were raw, cracking and bleeding when I came to see Dr. Godby, a naturopathic doctor. My son’s feet are now healing, and I am so relieved. I am impressed how concerned Dr. Godby is about my son’s well-being. From the first day we saw Dr. Godby, he immediately worked up a plan and we had very quick results. Also, my son is very comfortable at his office which says a lot, because he has always cried at every other office. It is nice to know he is so comfortable. He even said, ‘I love you, Doctor.'” — Dana Prince, Roseville (2007)

“I had been on antidepressants for several years. Not only had I been on antidepressants but up until I had my visit with you, I was taking two antidepressants/anxiety prescriptions and had my dosages increased over the past 2 to 3 years. I started to gain quite a bit of weight and wasn’t feeling any better on the prescription medications than I was before I began taking them. I knew something had to change and then I discovered your office. I slowly weaned myself off the prescription medications, I’ve changed my diet and lost 17 lbs since August of this year and counting!

I feel 100% better now. I take 2,000 milligrams of vitamin D daily along with fish oil and a multi-vitamin. I feel like my old self again. I’m ready to take on the world again and actually LIVE life. I felt before like I was just existing. My sister-in-law even commented on how much I smile and laugh more now than I had in the past 6-7 years she’s been in our family! I also sleep so much better now. Thank you again so much!” — Salina Young, Stockton (2010)

“Since my last appointment with you on 8/25 I have taken all of your recommendations to heart and amended my diet and started using all of the supplements you suggested. I have also taken your advice about making some de-stressing lifestyle changes and overall things are going well. I’ve lost almost 20 lbs and am definitely seeing overall lifestyle improvements. The two consultations we had were responsible for all of those changes and I am just really grateful! I have had such positive experiences with all of your staff and your entire office. ” — Holly Woodcock, Carmichael (2010)

“I am so blessed to have met you this past year, I truly am thankful for all you have done for me in my healing process.” — Sky Sanchez, Sacramento (2008)

“I was having anxiety attacks; I was very stressed out, losing hair and weight, and not sleeping well. I didn’t even want to get out of bed. I was feeling depressed and felt that my life was out of control – nothing like my True Self! But after following Dr. Godby’s recommendations, which I follow to this day, I feel 100% better!

I highly recommend Dr. Godby and his staff! They are very knowledgeable and professional. Dr. Godby’s grasp of the human body and how it works as a system is greatly effective is assisting patients, if the patient is willing to follow his recommendations. I believe everybody would benefit physically, emotionally, and mentally by following Dr. Godby’s 2 week anti-inflammatory diet and doing a food allergy test for hidden allergies.” — S. Mercedez Calleras, Massachusetts (2010)

Dr. Godby; Excellent, straightforward article re adrenal exhaustion… hopefully you will write more. — Richard Earle, Ph. D., Hans Selye Foundation & Canadian Institute of Stress, http://stresscanada.org

“I was at an all time low, but that same week, I found Dr. Godby, and my life completely changed.” — Britany T, Modesto, 2008

“Dr. Godby, what you and your fellow travelers have accomplished is nothing short of a modern-day, cross-country vision quest, and a living testament to the power of Naturopathic Medicine. Bravo, Dr. Godby. You are all returning heroes!” — Grant S, (2011)

“I have a good friend that just found out that his son was diagnosed with AS. I talked to him today and sent him your web site and told him about all the wonderful experiences that we have had working with you and your staff. I told him about what my son has gone through and without your guidance he would not be at the University today. I also told him about the help and hope you have given my wife in her struggles that she has had with her illness.” — Jon, Sacramento (2010)

“First, I would like to say it was a pleasure meeting with you yesterday. I left your office for the first time feeling like I had talked to a healthcare practitioner who really listened to me describe my health complaints and framed my physical pain and suffering in the overall context of my “whole” self.

In the past when I would attempt to discuss how much anxiety and the stomach flu permanently and deal with the fear of pooping your pants because you can’t find a bathroom, or worse yet, deal with actually experiencing incontinence as an adult and tell me you wouldn’t also harbor the same worry I do.” Even so, I always left the doctor’s office feeling like a weakling or like I was being a drama queen. So, in short, thank you for your kindness and your empathy in listening to me and validating the reality of my suffering. I am very excited to learn from you how I can better understand my body and help myself heal. ” — Amanda, Sacramento, (2009)

“Naturopathic doctor Dennis Godby has perfectly summarized the issue of the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) “normal” range, versus what he calls the “optimal” range, and explains how the “conventional reference ranges are designed not on preventing disease or identifying patients outside of optimal human function, but on helping to diagnose disease states only.”

Dr. Godby asks: “Has your doctor told you, ‘your blood test results are completely normal,’ but instead of feeling relief, you felt worse, knowing that something was wrong, but the doctor was unable to find any answers?” Don’t miss Dr. Godby’s article – http://www.rocklintoday.com/news/templates/diabetes_information.asp?articleid=7681&zoneid=53” — Mary Shomon, About.com Guide to Thyroid Disease

“I have spent many years and thousands of dollars working with both western medicine and alternative physicians trying to get an answer to my poor health. I had become very frustrated because no one could find the answer, and most of them would not listen to my opinion and thoughts on the matter. From the moment I met with Dr. Godby, we have been working together as a TEAM, quite successfully. He has spent a lot of time getting to know my health history, and to LISTEN to what I thought might explain my poor health. Dr. Godby is a physician who really cares about his patients and is willing to work with you and use natural medicine to bring you back to great health.” — Jen Yarbrough, Citrus Heights (2009)

“Hi Dr. Godby, just thought I would send you a note in regards to how I am feeling. Good news is always welcome news. I am feeling much better in general and have a lot more energy. I am able to walk faster on my treadmill at a raised incline and feel very energized when I finish. I also do not feel tired in the afternoon. I am still struggling with sleep a little at night but I think that it will just take some more time to balance out. I believe I am on the road to wellness and want to THANK YOU for all your help for myself as well as 2 of my daughters. They are much too young to be suffering with so many ailments and I want to see them live joyful happy lives and avoid years of pain and suffering that I have gone through so needlessly. You are an answer to prayer.”— Carley Clark, Yuba City (2009)

“My digestive system has improved substantially, my hunger has lessened, my joint pain has been reduced significantly, my feet are much better, and my libido has even increased. Dr. Godby’s appointments are very thorough. He takes the time to really listen, ans saves significant time by having his evaluations done prior to appointments. Dr. Godby has always shown me how much he cares about me and my health concerns, but he also emphasizes how important it is for me and all his patients to be responsible for their health.

The staff of Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center is fantastic, friendly, and has always gone the extra mile to help me. They are all very helpful!” — Lisa Ulmer, Acampo (2008)

“When I was first diagnosed with diabetes, my primary care physician painted a pretty grim picture of what life as a diabetic would entail. As she put it, I would suffer from heart disease, blindness, amputations, and an untimely death. I thought to myself “With an attitude like that, you might as well sign my death certificate now.” Her response when I tried to broach the subject of having a positive outlook and investigating alternative treatments was “Here’s a pill.”

Determined to chart a different course for myself, I set out on a mission to find the doctor that was right for me; one that shared my philosophy, beliefs and goals for my health and my personal, spiritual and emotional well-being. That doctor turned out to be Dr. Dennis Godby of the Diabetes Natural Path Center. Dr. Dennis Godby’s attitude was refreshing to say the least. He believed in treating the whole person, not just what ailed them. Yes, he viewed Diabetes as a progressive disease, but not a disease that had to progress. This spoke volumes to me!

Being an intuitive person by nature, I found Dr. Dennis Godby to be both genuine and sincere. He took a special interest in my health and worked tirelessly to discover the root causes of many of the seemingly unrelated symptoms I was experiencing.

Our first meeting, unlike traditional appointments, lasted more than 2 hours. Dr. Dennis Godby took a detailed family history and medical background, asked a variety of in-depth questions designed to not only understand the symptoms I was experiencing, but to make connections between these symptoms and familial patterns. Dr. Dennis Godby took copious notes; an observation not lost on this teacher, clarified information, and repeatedly asked for my opinion and insight. Finally, he summarized what he had learned, read it back to me, and then proceeded to design a course of action and treatment tailored to my conditions and goals.

Although the primary focus of my visits was for the treatment and management of my Diabetes, Dr. Dennis Godby accurately diagnosed other underlying conditions that had been left untreated. For years, I had been trying, to no avail, to alert my primary care physician to the other puzzling and often debilitating symptoms I was experiencing. These doctors would half-heartedly listen, nod their heads and then comment “Your numbers look fine”. They would disregard family history and then would remark “You’re too young.” All the while, I was suffering! This one-size fits all approach to patient care does not work. Unlike most doctors who practice conventional medicine, Dr. Godby saw me as a unique individual, with symptoms unique to me and my family history. His belief that what may work for one person may not work for another, has saved me countless time, agony, and money.

Together, Dr. Dennis Godby and I have combined some of the more traditional medical practices with alternative and naturopathic forms of treatment. We have created a balanced approach to my care; one that focuses on me, the individual and not the pharmaceutical companies.

Dr. Dennis Godby continues to work to this day to manage my Diabetes and correct the other conditions that have been brought to light. He has been my “hope” and has supported my own efforts to take control of my Diabetes, manage stress, and lead a fulfilling and productive life! I am a stronger person for having known him and have become my own advocate. I highly recommend Dr. Dennis Godby, ND!” — Maureen Johnson, Sacramento (2008)

“I’m in my early 80’s. Forty years ago I had a double laminectomy in which cartilage was removed from my lower back and approximately three inches of my back was “soddered” which lessened my back’s mobility. Subsequently, for forty years I have experienced severe arthritis at the site. Through the years I’ve tried acupuncture, chiropractic, pain pills and other treatments. I’ve spent many years surviving on pain pills due to my lower back pain. Within two weeks of changing my diet due to the results of food allergy/celiac testing from Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center, I realized I literally had no arthritis in my back. This year I’ve planted and am maintaining a vegetable garden, a task that was previously very painful to do.” — Bill Schoening, Sacramento (2008)

“People sometimes wonder if naturopathic doctors are “real” doctors. This testimonial is to let you decide!

After carefully controlling my blood sugar over a period of several months, my numbers began to fluctuate wildly and were no longer under control. I was very worried. It was Dr. Godby who suggested that I have a certain blood test to see if I was actually a Type 1 diabetic, instead of a Type 2 diabetic as originally diagnosed by my primary care doctor. This blood test had never been performed by my primary care doctor to see if I was, in fact, a Type 2 diabetic. Sure enough, the test that Dr. Godby performed confirmed that I was a Type 1 diabetic and needed to take insulin.

After beginning an insulin regime, I am doing great now! My blood sugar levels are well under control. I often wonder, though, what kind of shape I would be in today if I had never been Dr. Godby’s patient. How much damage would have been done, how many complications would I have experienced, and how much worry would I have struggled through before somebody in conventional medicine finally figured out that something was wrong and ordered this inexpensive test ?” — Maureen Johnson, Sacramento (2008)

“Thank you so much for your article on celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. I’ve recently discovered my own gluten sensitivities – no thanks to my doctors, mind you. I actually did a detection diet because I suspected it after doing my own research into my “IBS.” I began to omit gluten the third week and noticed a miraculous abatement of my digestive troubles. I was convinced and basically ran to my doctor and begged her to take it seriously. She said that it could not be the reason for my anemia and elevated liver enzymes and she kept testing me for other things while also saying my low grade fever and fatigue were due to allergies. She prescribed more allergy drugs and within a month I was hospitalized for pancreatitis. I’m 36, hardly have ever consumed alcohol and I’ve had my gallbladder removed. The doctors were stumped. However, the GI doc in the hospital did give the gluten problem serious consideration and told me I need to do a gluten challenge and eat gluten again for two weeks so my tests could be accurate.

I politely refused because I think it’s horrible to abuse my body that way for two weeks just to get a positive test. He said without a solid diagnosis I’d have a hard time convincing my first-degree relatives to get tested. He’s wrong though, they already have agreed to do so. Anyway, they also told me to stop taking Milk Thistle, which I started because of the elevated liver enzymes. They also told me to stop taking Calm’s Forte’ for occasional stress. Basically anything natural, they abhor. However, they did recommend ibuprofen… grrr. I wish we had doctors like you here in Kentucky!” —  Aimee, Lexington (2008)

“Thanks Dr. Godby for helping my daughter to now have a healthy life! As you remember, she was a very sick girl when we first brought her in, at age 6. She had no energy; her skin was in horrible condition with eczema and other things. She was scratching it all the time – it about drove her and I crazy. I was extremely worried about her and was getting sick.

She had been going to see other doctors for several years and they gave her creams, anitbiotics, lotions, etc., but it did no good. When I came to see you, you did a food allergy test, and she had about 35-40 food allergies. After fixing her leaky gut with supplements and a whole lot of things you did for her, she is now an extremely happy child, with a lot of energy. She has absolutely no more skin problems and after repeating the food allergy test, and after helping her gut, she now has only two food allergies left! I am so happy, and so is my family! “ — Veronica M, Sacramento (2008)

“When I first met with Dr. Godby in September 2007, I was expending an enormous effort to not-quite hold my health– physical, emotional, mental–together. My sense of well-being had vastly improved over nearly four years of work with nutrition, herbs, chiropractic, and acupuncture; but I was still suffering from a constellation of chronic digestive issues, overwhelming stress, and emotional exhaustion.

Within a month of my intake with Dr. Godby, I was feeling dramatically better… less vulnerable, happier, more at ease and at liberty to enjoy myself despite ongoing stress. My health was clearly on the upswing despite that I was in the final stages of a traumatic relationship and in the midst of a job transition in a still-unfamiliar city.

Within two months of my initial visit, Dr. Godby had discharged me, having identified the roots of dis-ease and empowered me with the knowledge and nutritional support that I needed to heal.

Six months after my first visit with Dr. Godby, my life is transformed. Not only have I resolved the original digestive complaints and hormonal disruption that led me to seek help, but I have reached and settled into a robust level of health and happiness that I could not have envisioned half a year ago.

I have transitioned from struggling to survive to thriving with ease. THANK YOU DR. GODBY!!! And thank you for taking care of dear friend(s) who, having seen my improvement, is (are) inspired to seek you out.” — Susan Fischer, Sacramento (2008)

“When I first contacted Dr. Godby about 8 months ago, I was at an all-time low. I had been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, hypoglycemia and irritable bowel syndrome and was experiencing increasingly debilitating symptoms for over four years. One of my doctors actually told me there was nothing that could be done for my chronic fatigue syndrome. More recently, my doctors attribute my symptoms to mental health issues, basically telling me that the symptoms were “all in my head.” I was prescribed medication after medication, and I followed the advice of the doctors thinking I was doing the right thing. I actually got worse and worse and was having serious neurological symptoms. I was afraid I would never recover – and I was only in my late 20s, far from the “prime of my life.” That same week, I found Dr Godby and my life completey changed!

I live about an hour from Dr. Godby’s office. For my convenience, I had all appointments with Dr Godby by phone. Our phone appointments were more thorough than any appointment I had had at a conventional doctor’s office. During our first conversation, Dr Godby showed so much compassion for what I had been going through and seemed to truly care about me. One of the things he said to me was, “I’m sorry that this has happened to you, but I can help you feel better.” That meant so much to me after years of being discounted by doctors. He also showed interest in how my health was affecting my personal life. None of my other doctors even asked about my personal life.

Dr. Godby ordered lab tests that he mailed to me and I was able to conduct in the privacy and convenience of my home. The tests showed that I have multiple, hidden and delayed food allergies and the beginning stages of leaky gut syndrome, adrenal fatigue and a hormonal imbalance. Through the use of supplements and by changing my diet, I am completely a new person! I am full of energy; my digestive system is actually working properly, and the neurological symptoms are long gone! Dr. Godby went the extra mile and recommended reading material, cookbooks and advice about lifestyle changes to minimize stress levels. I shudder to think how ill I would be today if I had never contacted Dr Godby. There truly is hope for people who are unable to find relief from conventional medicine, and that is through Dr. Godby’s practice of natural medicine.” — Britney T, Modesto (2008)

“When I first came to see Dr. Godby, my immune system was completely gone. I was chronically ill with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), acid reflux, flus, memory loss and confused thinking and I was unable to sleep and I was very depressed. After following a adrenal gland exhaustion and neurotransmitter improvement program, I can happily state that I am now functioning at a much higher level. My progress is very noticeable.

I have retired from the large research based conventional medical system and can categorically state that I’ve seldom encountered the type of care, compassion and medical options that Dr Godby offered in his practice. He is the kind of physician who gives sacrificially for the sake of helping those of us down and out. He wll get his eternal rewards!

To have a doctor spend time exploring my past and offering options and suggestions with so much compassion was the one thing that gave me hope at such a difficult time. Wilma, the office manager is wonderful, and will always go the extra 100 miles to help patients.

Thank you, Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center!” — Jo LaSalle, West Sacramento (2008)

“I am pleased to report a significant improvement in my fructosamine level. Three weeks ago it was at 354. Yesterday it was at 320! I realize that I must improve further, but I am thrilled by my progress in such a short period of time.

I greatly enjoyed reading your book. It’s amazing how much information you were able to provide. I’m sure that everyone who reads this book will be very positively impacted by your genuine concern, your tireless dedication and most of all, your words of hope and inspiration. Good job, Dr. Godby. Following the guidelines in your diabetes book, the difference in my blood sugar has been amazing. I am now walking after meals. I also started taking PGX and chromium. I am also keeping a journal and testing my blood glucose much more frequently.

I thank you so much for sharing your expertise in diabetes management. I guess I thought that after decades of having Type I diabetes, that there was very little I could learn in this area – perhaps I had just given up. I’m glad you decided that I should put my emphasis on the natural diabetes diet. It has made a huge difference. By the way, my latest fructosamine is now at 295.” — Gloria Carboni, Davis (2007)

“I just wanted to say thank you for your help with my son. The food allergy test, supplements and dietary guidelines have proven tremendously successful. My son has gained ten pounds since his last visit and his mood has greatly improved (it’s so nice to see him smile and laugh again!). His therapist and pediatrician both were taken aback by the dramatic, visible change in him in such a short time. In fact, the first comment from his pediatrician was “I see the Prozac is working.” He was so surprised to find that we had decided not to fill the prescription at all, and instead chose a more natural approach.

My son is getting used to making healthier food choices and avoiding dairy, wheat and eggs. As the weeks go by, he “cheats” less and less, since he feels such a difference in his body and mood when he eats properly! Thank you, Dr Godby. I am truly grateful – I really do feel that you helped bring my son back from a very dark time in his life!” — Mother of 16-year-old boy, Antelope (2007)

“I originally came to see Dr Godby for a variety of reasons, one of which was problems with bloating and tremendous intestinal discomfort. I had a very simple food allergy test in his office and the results came back quickly – letting us know that I had allergies to all dairy products. I have since cut milk, cheese, yogurt and eggs out of my diet and I am feeling 100% better! I’ve never been a person who is easily convinced that food affects how I feel to a great extent… I now know that I’ve been terribly wrong, and being wrong severely affected my health and quality of life!

Since making a simple dietary change that excludes dairy products, I’ve lost 16 pounds since the end of May without much effort! I’ve begun a walking regime recently and am watching the pounds melt away. I now simply substitute dairy products for a little soy milk or yogurt and with the numerous vegan alternatives available in almost every grocery store, I can easily get the nutrients I need without the pain and bloating of eating foods that are making me sick. This isn’t reworking every aspect of my life… these are simple, very easy, very small changes.

My health and well-being is up to me. Dr Godby is a wonderful, supporting naturopathic guide on this journey – but ultimately my health is in my hands. If I choose not to make the changes he suggest, and the ones that I find work, then what I AM choosing is an unhealthy relationship with myself. That is no longer what I want. The old saying that if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything is absolutely true. I choose health and life!”

I feel healthier in a month since seeing you than I have in the last two years… so thank you, thank you, thank you! I meant what I said in the office; it is So, so nice to have a doctor that is eager to help – even outside of appointment times. People keep asking me what I am doing and when I tell them all I’ve done is change my diet; they just say, ‘WOW!’ I am feeling great!” —  Clare Powell, Elk Grove (2007)

“I started seeing Dr. Godby about a year ago. When I first came in to see him at the clinic, I was losing my eyesight, had severe kidney issues, was a diabetic with high blood sugars, had high blood pressure, and possibly the worst of it all, my heart was failing as I had congestive heart failure. Before I came to see Dr. Godby, my MD told me that 30% of my heart was damaged permanently. I am happy to now report that after being put on a nutritional supplement regime by Dr. Godby – according to my cardiologist, after an echocardiogram – my heart is “healed and normal.”

Dr Godby has a caring manner, with lot of integrity, and he is knowledgeable about conventional and natural medicines. I am so astonished that my heart is healthy and my Hgb A1C for diabetes, is well within the normal range.” — Judith Wright, Sacramento (2007)

“When I came to see Dr. Godby in August of this year for diabetes, I had a Hemoglobin A1C of 8.4, and I was even scared to say the word “diabetes.” That A1C meant I was a good 90 points of blood sugar higher than a person without diabetes, every minute of the day, for the last few months. I was very nervous. But because Dr. Godby, NMD, is a diabetes specialist he knew exactly what to do. So he had me do a few labs to determine exactly why I had diabetes, took some targeted nutritionals, and Dr. Godby helped me to change my lifestyle. I just got back my most recent A1C, November, and it was an amazing 5.8, which meant it was only 0.1 from “normal” A1C. Drugs have side effects, and I didn’t want any part of that. I am estatic, as I feel that within a short period of time, diabetes will be a thing of the past. I will continue with my present lifestyle to continue preventing, but without the fear of diabetes and complications!”
— C. N, Wilton (2006)

“For the last 10 years I have often been living in agony; I was given prescription drugs by my MD internist to alleviate my symptoms, but as time progressed, I had more serious health issues. But after my treatment at the Natural Path Center, the difference was amazing! I felt much different after starting on my recommended supplements. At first I was sluggish, but I guess I was detoxing from the foods I had eaten all my life. After a short period of time, I felt increased energy, very little to no fatigue, and a cleanness feeling in my gut. Right now, I feel great! It’s been just 2-3 weeks on the supplements, and I am having no fatigue, and my previous health condition is just about gone. This is a great feeling that I have finally overcome this health issue in such a short period of time.

I was treated by Dr. Godby with respect and dignity. He made me feel comfortable about telling him my issues with my health and family history. I believe he was very concerned with my health, and wanting me to feel better.

What I liked most about the care, was his close contact with me as a patient. The doctor and patient relationship is very important, and I believe he did that with contact by phone to ask how I was doing.

I would highly recommend this program to my family and friends, and I have already done so.

The problem we have with our food that is so toxic to our bodies, we will never comprehend what it is doing to our bodies. This disease, whatever it may be, whatever it may be called, don’t let it destroy you, in which it almost did to me. Go to see someone like Dr. Dennis Godby, a licensed naturopathic doctor, to help you in your condition of whatever it may be. There are just too many chemicals in the food we eat. Go and see these naturopathic doctors. It is worth it!, and they might just save your life! Thank you, Dr. Dennis Godby, ND. I think you did just that!!”
— John M Gregg, Sacramento (2006)

“Dr. Dennis Godby, ND is a very knowledgeable naturopathic doctor, and works very hard to help a person become as healthy as possible. My health concerns (not diabetes) are very much controlled, and are no longer a lifestyle problem. Dr. Godby takes really good care of me, especially considering I live out-of-town. I believe most people would be better off with Dr. Godby treating them for diabetes or any other condition, than primary care doctors and the prescription drugs. He provides a high level of doctor-patient relationship. His care can be a great complement or addition to medical doctors. What I like most about Diabetes Natural Path Center is their care and concern for treating my whole body; they don’t just give me a drug to reduce symptoms. Also, I like that DNPC is always very prompt in responding to me.” — Karen Painter, LaGrange (2006)

“I’m feeling sooooo much better for the first time in many years! My lungs are so much better that I could walk 3 miles. Two weeks ago I could barely walk 1/4 mile. I’m improving for the first time. I have no bad side effects from Dr. Godby’s medicine, and he is explaining what he is doing and why. It’s great to know why I should take each nutritional. I have been treated extremely well by the DNPC staff. I am going to let my friends, family and neighbors know about Dr. Godby!

In an update from my doctor in late January, 2007, to the above story… he told me after I had a recent lung biopsy that my condition is “idiopathic,” and that I should continue doing what the naturopathic doctor is recommending since I am doing so well. He even said that he is going to refer some of his patients to Dr Godby since his treatments are working so well.” — Cora Ross, Railroad Flat (2006)

“Thank you so much! You have proved invaluable and irreplaceable to our young daughter’s healing process. Helping our daughter to lower her hemoglobin A1C, tremendously, from 10.7 in December, 2005, to 5.5 this month of July, in just 6 months, has been remarkable. Thank you for your commitment to our daughter. We couldn’t be any more pleased. Keep doing what you are doing!”— Paul Benassini, Sacramento (2006)

“Thank you, Dr. Dennis Godby, ND, for an interesting and informative science-based and user friendly course on “Practical Solutions to Reversing Disease and Optimizing Health.” Your presentations to the Sacramento Valley Dental Hygienists’ professional organization helped to further educate our dental hygienists. As Registered Dental Hygienists, we are often the first to recognize oral sign of disease, including diabetes. Dr. Godby’s approach to preventing disease dovetails perfectly with the Registered Dental Hygienists’ approach of preventing oral disease, so that patients can avoid serious oral health issues. Dr. Godby’s approach to promoting total health in our patients, received rave reviews by the hygienists; his passion for optimal health, and his ability to inspire the attendees was evident: “Dr. Godby is a great speaker. The talk was extremely interesting.” “Dr. Godby is very knowledgeable. I’d like to hear more by this speaker.” “The topic was timely and the speaker was wonderful.” “The lecture was very informative, it was helpful to my own health and my patients.”

We had many requests and look forward to more presentations. Dennis, thank you again for your commitment and passion to teach such a relevant topic.”  — Carol Lee, RDH, BS; Gail Griffin, RDH Sacramento Valley Dental Hygienists Association (2006)

“Recently, I participated in a new coaching program for helping patients with diabetes… on the telephone. Dr. Dennis Godby is my coach. Dr. Godby has been able to talk to me in a way that has made me feel very comfortable and important. From the beginning he made it clear that he wanted to help me get my blood sugars on track and to keep them at the correct levels. During our talks, Dr. Godby has been able to provide valuable information on nutrition as well as instructing me in what to look for on labels to ensure I buy the most nutritious foods. Most of all, Dr. Godby cares about my feelings as well as my physical health. It is very important to him what my mental state is and if I am able to cope with different problems in my life. He is always ready to go that extra mile to ensure my physical and mental health is on the right track. He is capable of turning negatives into positives in every instance and encourages me to continue moving forward. I value the time we spend talking and have actually made life-altering changes because of our conversations. Overall, Dr. Godby is apart from many physicians in that he takes time with patients to listen and understand them. He is dedicated in every way and has the ability and knowledge to assist patients in all aspects.” — Ramona V, Modesto (2005)

“Having known Dr. Dennis Godby for over 30 years, it comes as no surprise to me that his path has led him to the practice of medicine as a Naturopathic Doctor. As long as I have known him, Dennis has walked with a fierce commitment to make it his life’s work to make a difference in this world. Diabetes Natural Path Center gives him the opportunity to combine his talents as a healer with his passion for social justice.” — Levar Burton, Actor, Director and Literary Advocate (2005)

“As a former principal where Mr. Dennis Godby taught high school, I can attest that as a man and teacher, integrity and competence remain the foundation stones of Dennis Godby’s professional, as well as his personal life. I am pleased to underscore his persuasive, but non-directive classroom pedagogy. His congenial personality complemented his methodology.” — Timothy Edwards, Sherwood, OR (2000)

“I cannot imagine a more difficult job than teaching a religion course to adolescent males and females. These are kids who study a teacher carefully to determine if truth is spoken. Young people have a highly tuned ability to detect truth and honesty, and they are scathing in their criticism of one who is not honest with them every moment of every day. Many teacher falter…but not Mr. Godby. He has both a solid foundation of mutual affection, trust and respect that reach into the future.

As a result of my contacts with my children’s school, I have seen Mr. Dennis Godby working very effectively with his students. His skills in conflict resolution and goal setting are outstanding. Mr. Godby never misses an opportunity to teach, and to help others develop their goals and grow. He is not afraid to step into a dispute situation where others would run and hide. Students have been enriched by this example.

The adolescents…value his truthfulness and his commitment to his values. The result is highly effective communication, a positive experience, and meaningful relationships. Anyone who has seen Dennis Godby’s smile, knows joy. His sharing of joy brings meaning to the word “joyous” as it is the fullness of joy.

As a parent who talks with students and is an intense observer of the educational process, it has been a privilege for me to have my children impacted by Mr. Godby. I am confident his ability to communicate, to express values he lives, and his dispute resolution skills have made a life-long impact, and for this I am most grateful.

Teaching has not been limited to sterile academic pursuits for Mr. Godby. He has motivated students, other teachers and parents to think about justice, peacemaking and morality, and then to act. I’ve stood in soup lines with Mr. Godby and watched his interaction with those seeking physical help and those students seeking moral help, and I’ve been amazed at his ability to bridge both needs effectively. He makes education work.

With Dennis Godby…he will continue to have a concrete effect on a more just world. It is apparent to students that he cares about them. There is so much patience and concern in the way he listens, and in giving dignity through the carefulness of his listening to students. He builds self-esteem, and helps teach others to encourage the development of self esteem. It is far more than a lecture, Mr. Godby makes it a part of his life.” — Marcine Miller Miles, Attorney at Law, Vancouver, WA (1998)

“I met Dennis Godby while lecturing in Maine on the conflict in Central America. Since that first meeting, Dennis has continued to impress me. The depth of his compassion and commitment are unmistakable to anyone. I have watched with admiration as, at every turn in his life, he has been able to assess his own talents and abilities and choose meaningful action. He has been willing to take risks that most of us feel incapable of taking and—what’s more—to do it with zest!

Dennis’ presence communicates great internal strength. He is present and loving, committed to his calling without pressing himself on others.” — Frances Moore Lappe, author Diet for A Small Planet, Food First and many other books, Co-Founder Institute for Foods and Development Policy (1988)

“Dennis Godby …. puts his money where his mouth is, something sorely needed these days.”
— Dan Delany, Co-founder, Loaves and Fishes, Sacramento, CA (1988)

“I have had the privilege of knowing Dr. Dennis Godby since 1992. He was my high school teacher, and mentor. I have been friends with him, and his wonderful family, ever since. Dr. Godby is intelligent, considerate, compassionate, inspiring, and very dedicated to making the world a better place. Dr. Godby was the moderator for our high school environmental organization – Earth Action. One of my best memories in high school was taking a trip with the Earth Action group to Yosemite, and another wonderful memory was our journey to Tijuana, Mexico on our Venaver trip. A small group of us, led by Dr. Godby, attended this transforming immersion program involving service, community and reflection. Whether he is working with the elderly, or small children, Dr. Godby brings heart and devotion to everything he takes on. He cares deeply about health, wellness and minimizing our detrimental impact on the environment. His infectious smile and wonderful nature allow people to feel at ease, immediately when they are in his presence. He is dedicated and passionate and a wonderful human being. It is a privilege and honor to know him. I encourage anybody who is looking to make life changes, to work with Dr. Godby.”
— Tori Freeman, former student, Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep, San Francisco; Operations Manager, Levy Art and Architecture; Board Member: Breast Cancer Action, India Basin Neighborhood Association (2006)

“Dennis is dedicated to the cause of peace, and has served the people of Central America in several of the programs to help relocate families to their former homes in El Salvador. He is personally a man of strong faith, intelligence, good judgment and a solid prayer life.”
— Francis A. Quinn, Catholic Bishop of Sacramento (1986)

“Dennis is a morally and spiritually sensitive young man with a strong desire to place his personal and professional qualities at the service of others. Gifted with a wide range of interests and abilities, he possesses both the energy and creativity to do them justice.

Academically, Dennis is distinguished by his ability to enter deeply into anything he studies. In class, he was among those who tried to push the discussions toward the underlying principles. He demonstrated an amazing ability to recall the rich experiences of his life and bring them to bear on the subject at hand.

In the fields of socio-political and ecological concerns…he is both a thinker and a doer. He has somehow managed an admirable balance where balance is not always the order of the day…also tempering his activism with prayer and solitude.” — Father William Frazier, M.M., Systematic Theology Professor, Maryknoll School of Theology (1990)

“In the last two years that Dennis has been a member of our teaching community…he has been open to suggestions and collaboration from administrators and colleagues. He is willing to try different teaching methods in the classroom. Dennis is open to stretching his “comfort zone” if it will enhance instruction and learning.

One of the qualities that Dennis brings to this school community is his authentic concern for his students. He is respected by his pupils because of his meticulous preparation and willingness to spend countless hours with students. In addition, Dennis leads by example, and is involved in a variety of school and community organizations and volunteers his time to assist others. Most recently, he spearheaded an effort to bring an ailing child and parent from South America to the U. S. for proper medical attention. His successful efforts meant a young person would now live a healthy and normal childhood.” — Brother Chris Brady, F.S. C., Principal, Sacred Heart Cathedral, San Francisco (1993)

“Dennis has been able to achieve an intensity of personality with a delightful sense of humor. He has shown the ability to step back and recognize the many conflicting and contradictory dimensions of the human condition. I have observed him dealing patiently with students, attempting to understand their perspective, while challenging them to think critically. This is a difficult balance to achieve and I have seen Dennis strike it beautifully.

Personally, Dennis has been a supportive colleague and a personal inspiration to me. In his gentle yet persistent way he reminds me of what is important-things I would sometimes rather not think about. This is a gift I will miss, as much as I will miss Dennis. Yet, I believe his students will miss him most of all.” — Ned Bennett, Chair, Religious Studies Dept., Sacred Heart Cathedral (1993)

“Out of all my years of school (12), you have been my most inspirational teacher. I appreciate you a lot!” — Student, Milwaukie, OR (1998)