First Off, What is Natural Medicine?

Individuals all around the world are making the switch from Western medicine to natural medicine. Natural medicine can come in many different forms. A naturopathic doctor (ND), for example, is the only primary care provider clinically trained in both natural and conventional medicine. An ND seeks to find and address the cause of disease and specializes in using natural remedies to heal the causes of a wide variety of different health issues. Each individual’s healing solution will be different depending on the cause. A naturopathic doctor uses alternative, natural methods for treatment instead of mainstream pharmaceutical medicines. Naturopathic doctors take exactly the same extensive medical training as medical doctors (MDs), and, in order to also know the natural medicinal cures, an additional 25 or classes are taken in natural therapies, such as botanicals, clinical nutrition, and others. As natural medicine becomes more common place in modern society, more insurance companies are accepting natural medicine through their plans.

Why Such a Huge Following with Natural Medicine

We all get sick from time to time, but there are some issues that can be truly impairing to a person’s daily life and wellbeing. A person with an illness that is chronic may feel like they are going from bad to worse. If a person is suffering from any type of ongoing disease, reproductive problems, or a painful disease such as fibromyalgia, he or she may find that an MD is not able to offer them consistent help. A conventional medical doctor may be able to offer a medication, but in the end, the medication may result in creating more harm than good. A great deal of modern medicines have side effects that may be detrimental to a person’s health. Since more and more people are becoming aware of the negative side effects of conventional medications, savvy individuals are choosing to take their health into their own hands by seeking out an alternative medicine doctor. They are choosing naturopathic doctors who can take care of their needs in a way that is natural and without the use of harsh and damaging medications.

Doctors Who Practice Natural Medicine and Womens Integrated Health

More and more women suffering from issues such as menstrual cramps, infertility, ovarian cyst, urinary tract infections, and fibroids, are choosing doctors who practice natural medicine through womens integrated health. NDs are able to treat your illness and not just your symptoms. An ND will be able to give you real solutions for your problems using natural remedies and changes in diet. Now, more than ever, people are realizing that pharmaceutical medicine is not always the answer to every ailment. Natural medicine offers an alternative way to feel healthy for good.

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